Weight Training for Women: Why It’s Hard to “Bulk Up”

When individuals consider weight lifting and bulking up, they do not generally consider girls.

Although weight coaching for ladies is changing into a lot of fashionable, what many of us do not know is that it’s entirely attainable for ladies to “bulk up.”

It’s simply tougher.

We area unit here to travel over some reasons why it’d be tougher for ladies to achieve muscle and what you may probably do to beat that specific challenge.

1. Weight coaching for Women: story Busters

You’ve been reading listicles and articles on the web, note down as of recommendation you’ll be able to before touching the weights. Everything you scan appears legit and a few of the individuals writing these articles look like absolute specialists within the field of women’s weight coaching.

Sorry to burst your bubble, however an out sized portion of the web is perhaps false. And an excellent larger range of individuals on the web most likely decision themselves specialists once they area unit nothing of the type.

Why are not you gaining muscle? you may be reading the incorrect data. confirm you vet the authors of the articles you scan before you really implement the data or recommendation.

2. investigating Calories Wrong

it’s the freshman fifteen factor. It’s that strange story that any quite weight gain counts as bulking up. this can be fully wrong.simply because you are gaining weight, doesn’t suggest you are gaining muscle.

And simply because you are loading calories, doesn’t suggest you are going to realize muscle mass. you wish the correct quantity and therefore the right types of calories to realize muscle mass.

To maintain muscle mass, you need to eat twenty calories per pound of your weight. If you’re desirous to gain muscle mass,you wish to eat 350 to 700 additional calories per day than the twenty calories per pound would have you ever eat.

This means that if you were, say, 100 pounds, you’d have to be compelled to eat 2400-2700 calories each day to realize muscle mass if you’re understanding intensely a day.


The only time you wish to eat fast-digestion carbs like polished rice or bread is correct once Associate in Nursing intense travail to relinquish your muscles some fast aldohexose and assist you recover for your next travail.

Outside of these post-workout meals, you wish to be intake whole grain, whole wheat, slow digestion carbs. Remember, an excellent locution is “The nearer to the world the higher.” normally, intake whole foods is healthier anyway.


You need top quality, complete proteins. Proteins that return from eggs, beans with rice, low fatty content meats, and dairy.you wish concerning a pair of grams of supermolecule each day, no less.


Look for unsaturated fats. These will be found in things like avocados, almonds, walnuts, salmon, olive oil. And you wish unsaturated fats to be concerning one-quarter of your diet.

3. obtaining Teste…or Not

Women have fifteen to twenty times less androgen than men. which implies that ladies simply cannot create constant gains that men do. Period.

You’re going to search out that the problem of gaining muscle mass isn’t one thing you’ll be able to management. however you may still create gains if you follow all different recommendation and keep at it.

4. Wrong Cardio

If you check up on cross-country and track runners, you may initial notice that they’re the skinniest folks on the world. this does not mean they do not do strength exercises. They do. they have the strength to weather the long miles or burst through that 90-yard dash.

But the explanation they’re thus skinny is that an excessive amount of cardio can metabolise muscle tissue. many ladies create the error of jumping into an excessive amount of cardio once their weight lifting.

This could be as a result of they’re terrified of gaining the incorrect quite weight.

This is a lure you wish to avoid.

Don’t get Maine wrong. Cardio is very important. however there’s Associate in Nursing optimum quantity of your time for cardio.

Three thirty minute cardio sessions area unit all you wish hebdomadally.

No more, no less.

And if you maintain this routine, if you incorporate it into your travail, {you can|you’ll|you may} notice that your appetence will go up and you may be ready to down the calories you wish while not abundant effort.

5. Weight coaching for Women: the increase of the Machines

One of the mottos of building muscle mass is “Engage!” Well, sorta. What i actually mean, is that you just have to be compelled to interact as several muscles as you’ll be able to during a muscle cluster.

Sure, those white and glossy machines on the ground area unit simple to use, and what is additional, they feel safe. you do not desire you are going to drop one thing on your head or your toe if you ruin.

But these machines area unit the largest hindrance on the ground to gaining muscle mass. Most machines isolate an exact muscle or an exact cluster of muscles. If

If you isolate your bicep, you are solely getting to work the bicep. however if you employ dumbells to try and do curls out removed from your body, you are going to interact helpful muscles beside your pectoralis, your striated muscle, and your shoulder muscles.

6. Late to Bed Early to Rise

We get it. you are busy. you wish to urge things done and you wish to urge up early to try and do it. perhaps you are a mammy or a busy career girl. Either way, you have hundreds on your plate and you do not have time to urge adequate sleep.

If you cannot get enough sleep, you are not getting to create gains. this is not simply a haul ladies have, this can be a universal weight lifting drawback.

You’re operating your body tougher than you have ever worked it before. you are cacophonous up muscle and your body is making an attempt its best to place you back along like all the king’s men. Except now, all the king’s men don’t get enough sleep, and they are falling asleep on the task.

And not solely that, however you wish to relinquish your muscles adequate time to recover between workouts. you wish a minimum of 24 to 48 hours between such workouts. If it’s legs day on Mon, it should not be legs day once more till a minimum of Wed.


Women will create gains. Those gains might not return as simply and you’ll not grow to the scale of your male counterparts.however you’ll be able to bang.

What recommendation would you offer to your fellow ladies WHO need to create gains? pontificate within the comments below!

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