Geometric Nail Art With Textured Nail Polish – Tutorial

Splendid hues, simple to do and straightforward yet striking example – this geometric nail craftsmanship plan with a finished nail clean has everything to turn into our new top choice. Equivalent to the vast majority of the striping tape nail craftsmanship plans this geometric nail workmanship looks extraordinary when done in differentiating hues. It looks like the pink and dark nail craftsmanship we’ve done as a piece of our Fuzzy Nail Art Guide and can be effectively re-made with a Fuzzy Coat rather than a conventional finished nail clean. Whatever you have in your reserve!


  1. Paint all nails with 1-2 layers of neon pink clean. Apply snappy dry top coat. Give it a chance to contact dry.
  2. Apply striping tape in a corner to corner cross and triangle stripes on center, ring and thumbnails.
  3. Work one nail at any given moment. Paint a few sections as envisioned in dark or white clean and different parts with finished nail clean. We utilized Dance Legend White Noise.
  4. Cautiously expel the striping tape with tweezers from the principal (center) nail and dothesecond (ring nail), third (thumb). Let dry. No top coat required. 

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