There’s a ton of sparkle … and sparkling … going on around here. I’m almost certain I’ll be vacuuming up sparkle directly on as of recently. Also, most likely past …

Sparkle never truly, really leaves, isn’t that right?

Yet, these bricklayer container heart votives turned out so charming. Certainly worth glittergeddon!

The most effective method to MAKE VALENTINE GLITTER VOTIVES


Ball Half-Pint Mason Jars

Froth Heart Stickers

White Acrylic Paint

Pink Acrylic Paint

Mod Podge

White Glitter

Pink Glitter

I began with a half-16 ounces (8-oz) customary mouth artisan container, a froth heart I found at Michael’s (a piece of a bundle containing different sizes of froth hearts) and painter’s tape.

I utilized the froth heart at a manual for charming out a heart shape from the painter’s tape.


The I fastened the heart to the bricklayer container.


I painted the container with white paint. Also, evacuated the painter’s tape heart.


When totally dry (I let mine dry medium-term) I utilized a paint brush to paint on Mod Podge (clearly painting around the heart shape).


At that point I liberally sparkled.


I added strip and a bow to complete it off …



I made a pink sparkle container as well. For that one, I initially painted a base layer of paint. In any case, I committed an error. I left the painter’s tape heart on the container when I connected the Mod Podge and sparkle. I chose to expel the painter’s tape heart directly after I connected the sparkle. Be that as it may, the Mod Podge mellowed the paint. Also, I wound up pulling off some paint too …


Leaving a wonky formed heart cut out …

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