How to make your own scratch-and-sniff holiday cards

Homemade holiday cards have an appeal that the locally acquired assortment can’t coordinate. This year, give your notes the smell of the period—breath life into them with DIY scratch-and-sniff paint.

This undertaking is extraordinary for more youthful youngsters, particularly in the event that you stick to consumable fixings. A few plans—like the one on the Crafts for Kids site, kept running by PBS Parents—depend on enhanced gelatin. On the off chance that the scrumptious smell beats a tyke’s restraint, that fundamental fixing won’t hurt them, in spite of the fact that the powder doesn’t taste incredible solo.

We tried different things with this recipe, yet most Jello blends come in fruity flavors not frequently connected with winter occasions. So we additionally stirred up certain paints dependent on cooking separates—which children ought not test alone.

When all is said in done, this venture works best in case you’re willing to test a little with various fragrances. For instance, a portion of the fixings had more staying force than others: Neither vanilla pudding blend nor vanilla concentrate delivered a perceptible smell once dry. Nonetheless, one paint made with cherry Jello and another dependent on pumpkin-flavor extricate both smelled overwhelmingly sharp while wet, and unpretentious after they dried.

Since a portion of these paints lost quite a bit of their whiff once they dried, we’d suggest preparing a blend that fails on the smellier side. We changed the first formula to get more fragrance out of the fixings, however you can change the extents to get the quality you need. Your outcomes may not look as expert as locally acquired scratch-and-sniff stickers,but they’ll be much more charming.

  • be berry merry cardBe Berry Merry
  • A scratch-and-sniff card with “berry” written in gelatin-based paint.


  • Plastic cups to hold paints
  • Plastic spoons for mixing
  • Measuring spoons
  • Paintbrushes


  • School glue
  • Water
  • Flavored sugar-free gelatin OR cooking extract and food dye
  • Blank cardstock or pre-folded cards


  • In the event that you’re utilizing powder, at that point snatch a plastic cup and spoon and blend two sections school paste to one section water and one section gelatin. When you include the parts at the same time, you’ll get an equation with little clusters in it. We wound up loving the impact, which looks somewhat like shimmers when it dries. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you lean toward a smoother surface, at that point heat your water and blend it with the gelatin first, mixing overwhelmingly. Give this blend a chance to chill off a bit before you pour in the paste.
  • For a cooking concentrate like mint, cinnamon, or pumpkin-flavor, blend two sections paste to one section separate. At that point include nourishment color, yet be cautious—a little shading can go far. Crush in a solitary bead, mix, and check the shading before including another solitary drop. You may attempt green for a mint aroma, red or orange for cinnamon, etc.
  • With the paintbrush, smear an example onto your cards. Give them a chance to dry completely, which may take as long as multi day, contingent upon how thickly you’ve layered your paint.
  • At the point when the card is dry, overwhelmingly start to expose what’s underneath and after that promptly breathe in to distinguish the scent.

making a scratch-and-sniff holiday card

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