Hair Care Tips for New Mums

I’m sure most of you will have seen some of the photographs of Kate Middleton leaving hospital last week with the Royal baby, and judging by this picture it’s no wonder everyone is in love with her hair!

Many women struggle with their hair care post pregnancy due to a combination of changes in hormones (which often affect the hair), and the little time they have to pamper themselves!

So we’ve put together a guide that includes our top tips on hair care post pregnancy, plus a couple of styles that are ideal when time is precious.


Top Tips

1. Mums are often lacking in time, so a quick treatment is a great way to care for your hair in a rush. Moroccanoil and Macadamia oil can be applied to wet or dry hair, and also helps speed up drying time. Every time you wash your hair, simply apply a little the ends and let it dry naturally (or blow dry if you have time!) There’s no need to rinse so you can pop it on for some extra nourishment and go!

2. If you do have a spare 3 minutes in the shower, that’s a great time to treat your hair to a mask. Milk_shake’s Active Milk Mask is ideal for dry or damaged hair. On your wet hair, apply and leave for 3 minutes then rinse. Its milk proteins, rice and avocado oils, hydrating agents, vitamin E and the Integrity 41, deeply nourish and reinforce the hair.

3. Gentleness is key. Many women suffer from hair loss after pregnancy so you need to be more careful with your hair. When it’s wet it’s at its weakest so use a brush like a Tangle Teezer to gentle detangle the hair.

4. Styling can often become time consuming, so concentrate on the simple styles and products that are quick to use. Serums are great if you’ve got those pesky wispy hairs along the hair line from new hair growing in.

5. Dry shampoo is your savior when you haven’t had time to wash hair. It also helps create a little extra volume and texture too which is handy for a quick up do!

6. Style at night – if you wash your hair on an evening, let hair dry naturally until it’s 70% dry then twist into 2 small buns over night. The next morning you’ll have beach waves so just spray a little salt spray to give it more texture – no need for the curling tongs!

7. 5 minute styles are your best friend – the ones that are easy to do yet look gorgeous and a little different to a good old ponytail. The top knot is easy to do and keeps hair completely out of the way. If you’re heading out, finish with a ribbon or hair clip.

8. Special occasions – if you’re attending a night out or a special occasion and your hair is lacking in something, then clip in hair extensions are a great way to change your style in an instant without the maintenance. Providing you opt for 100% human hair extensions, you’ll be able to style them just like you would with your own hair, and you can achieve Kate’s gorgeous blow dry style!

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