These cute Carrot Easter Baskets only take a few minutes to make and we’ve provided a free printable cut out to make it really easy. We think they’re perfect for taking on an Easter Egg hunt to store all your little finds in, or to fill and give as an Easter gift. Yummy!

Make cute carrot Easter Baskets.

Make cute carrot Easter Baskets.

How To Make A Carrot Easter Basket

Supplies To Make Carrot Easter Baskets

    • Printable Carrot Easter Basket Sheet (get yours at the bottom of this post)
    • Scissors
    • Glue or sticky tape
    • Chocolate eggs to put inside.

How To Make Carrot Easter Baskets

1 – Print the Carrot Easter Basket Sheet available at the bottom of this post. Then and cut out all the orange and green shapes.

2 – Follow along the line to cut the orange semicircle and the green leaf tops in half.

3 – Next roll each orange quarter circle into a cone shape and tape or glue it securely in place. We used UHU glue which we love because it dries really quickly.

4 – To finish your carrot basket, turn the carrot cone so that the seam is at the back then glue the base of your green carrot top into the inside of the carrot cone also at the back.

5 – Finally fill your carrot Easter basket with lots of delicious chocolate mini eggs. Yum!

Carrot Easter Basket Variations

If you prefer a carrying handle for your carrot simply trim a small strip off the quarter circle before rolling it into a cone. After the carrot has been made you could tape or glue it into place.

If you have some green card you could experiment with different carrot leaf shapes. See our photographs for some ideas.

If you have some orange card you could easily make different sized Carrot Easter Baskets. Just remember  to start with a quarter circle.


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